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My Own Understanding in Kean

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2013/4/10 14:22:10

Come to Kean nearly half a month. I harvested quite a lot in this half a month.

A word can describe what impression on me—passion.

The first is to get along with colleagues

The first time to feel the enthusiasm of colleagues is from myself introduction. After getting along with colleagues, i find everyone is kindness. They help each other not only at work but also in life. Even though i come to a new environment, i feel i like their families. Instantly, my inside collect, fears and implication throw away.

The second is at work;

At work, everyone is try their best to get more orders and to realize their dreams.

The third is the attitude of life:

Even though everybody is busy every day, but there are many people to go for a walk after dinner, or go to the gym. Meanwhile, the company's midday exercise is a good idea, it not only remind us to stay healthy, but also have promoted colleagues’ exchange. I feel a positive, optimistic, healthy and upward attitude towards life in Kean.

This is all my feelings in this half a month. I think i made a wise choice to come to Kean. I am not only need such a business platform, but need enthusiasm towards people, work and life. I am try my best to be a passion Kean person, come on!


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