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Travel Necessities

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Source:XZDClick:Date:2016/3/21 11:21:34

Have you a trouble to bring a lot of things tobe filled with difficulty when travel? Little travelers needa surprising amount of stuff when travelling! Here's a checklist of items thatmake traveling much easier

  • Start preparing to pack a few days before you travel. Keep arunning list of things to take, or put items out on a table or dresser as youthink of them.

  • Use travel size bottle  to fill shampoos and Lotion, create your own set of personalized travel products with your favorite shampoos andlotions

  • Use a diaper bag with a waterproof lining and a shoulderstrap.

  • Be prepared for leaky diapers and baby spit-up on theairplane: Tuck an extra outfit or two for your baby – and an extra shirt foryou – into your carry-on bag.

  • Prevent leaks by packing medicines and toiletries in resealable plastic bags.

  • Take your camera, battery charger, and an extra memory card.


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